Barrel Vault Rooflights

Kerb mounted barrel vault rooflights are most commonly used to provide continuous runs of openings to let in natural light, however they are also ideal where in-plane, pyramid or individual domed rooflights are not suitable. They can be installed in a wide variety of roofing systems, from curved and standing seam, to flat and low pitched systems.We manufacture two Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) barrel vault rooflight systems: Zenon Archlight and Zenon Arc. Both are cost-effective, robust, shatter resistant and provide excellent light transmissions. Zenon Shield, a UV-stabilised surface film which increases durability and protection, is also included on Arc and Archlight rooflights. Zenon Arc Zenon Arc barrel vault double skin modular rooflights come pre-assembled, and we provide the option to incorporate the Insulator system, which will improve thermal performance and optimise light transmission. Installation is simple and fast. Zenon Curve Curve rooflight sheets are suitable for any length of opening or construction and, depending on the thermal performance required, can be assembled and installed in single, double or triple skin configurations. Supplied as individual pre-curved, self-supporting rooflight sheets, our Curve product is available for support systems or daylight openings of up to four metres wide.