Introducing SwiftRidg

The Danelaw SwiftRidg™ and SwiftRidge™+ system comprises a UV protected glass reinforced polyester (GRP) ridge and hip roll profile* manufactured to the same specification as the tried, tested and proven range of Danelaw flashings such as the ubiquitous valley troughs, Bonding Gutters, Contisoakers and continuous dry verge systems delivering a full range of matching flashing profiles to weather the roof installation. It is installed using bespoke fixing kits designed for swift and reliable installation.

*sold in 3m lengths


  • Offers a light and durable alternative to lead, zinc, copper and galvanised steel systems
  • Suitable for ridge and hip applications on roof pitches from 20º to 50º
  • Faster installation to formed metal alternatives
  • No toxic or contaminated run off; can be used for rainwater harvesting
  • No theft value
  • 20 Year Guarantee
  • BRE tested to resist wind speeds exceeding 110mph
  • Minimum 7,500mm² airflow ventilation area per linear meter using the SwiftRidg™+ option
  • Patent Application No. 2308115.1

For SwiftRidg installation recommendations or data sheets please contact us by filling in the form, call us: 01327 701 920 or email