3 in 1 Ventilation Packs

The 3 in 1 ventilation packs provide complete ventilation and a support system, giving additional protection to the fascia detail of all roof types.

A unique feature of this system is the universal over fascia vent with two fixing positions that adapt to 10mm and 25mm airflows areas.

Installation of the ventilation pack is straightforward. The over fascia vent is fitted to the top edge of the fascia board, in either of the two stepped positions, to suit the required level of airflow and the roll panel and underlay support tray are then installed.

The underlay support tray is placed on top of the over fascia vent and nailed into place through holes provided in the over fascia vent. It is then nailed at the top of the tray through the roll panel if required and into the rafter.

Consecutive trays are lapped by 50mm using the raised locators formed into the tray sides. The underlay support tray forms the drip into the gutter.

1) Pack components (code HD 3025VP)

  • 1 x 6000mm: HD 5000
  • 10 x 600mm: HD 3000
  • 6 x 1000mm: HD 12000U

2) Pack components (code HD 3000VP)

  • 1 x 6000mm: HD 5000
  • 10 x 600mm: HD 3000
  • 6 x 1000mm: HD 12000M


Danelaw 3 in 1 Ventilation Pack Datasheet
HD 3025VP Drawing
HD 3025VP Drawing
Danelaw Ventilation for Tile and Slate Roofs Product Guide
  • Product code
    HD 3000VP/HD 3025VP
  • Colour
  • Airflow Area
    25,000mm2 per metre
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