The airbrick vent sleeve comes in single, double and triple sizes

Airbrick Vent Sleeve (3 types)

The semi rigid airbrick vent sleeve is designed to ventilate through a standard cavity wall. Accommodates the ‘clip-together’ facility of the HD 9300 air brick to achieve one, two or three brick fitting to suit the application.

Product Code and Options

  • HD 9350/1: Single
  • HD 9350/2: Double
  • HD 9350/3: Triple

Additional Dimensions

  • HD 9350/1: Height 61mm
  • HD 9350/2: Height 134mm
  • HD 9350/3: Height 210mm


Danelaw Wall Cavity and Underfloor Ventilation Datasheet
HD 9350 Drawing
HD 9350 Drawing
Danelaw Ventilation for Tile and Slate Roofs Product Guide
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