The combination brick vent is available in 4 standard colours. Others to special order

Combination Brick Vent

The combination brick vents come in standard brick size and permit high levels of ventilation through walls whilst also protecting from driving rain and large insect ingress. When used with the HD 9600M, they provide entry of air into underfloor voids of suspended floors.

The bricks can be clipped together for 220 x 150mm or 220 x 225mm combinations.

Product Code

HD 9300

Related Product

The gas vent grille, code HD 9300G. This vent meets with the aperture grille requirement of BS5440-2:2000, section 4:1:1:2. (Prevents the entry of a 10mm diameter ball, but allows entry of a 5mm diameter ball.)


Danelaw Wall Cavity and Underfloor Ventilation Datasheet
HD 9300 Drawing
Danelaw Ventilation for Tile and Slate Roofs Product Guide
  • Product code
    HD 9300
  • Colour
    Black, Brown, Buff, Terracotta
  • Airflow Area
    7,000mm2 per unit
  • Made from
  • Length
  • Height
  • Width
  • Additional Links
  • NBS Product Spec XML

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