The ridge and hip system is mechanically fixed and has optional components including hip trays for tile alignment

CON6+ Dry Fix Ridge and Hip System

The CON6+ is a ventilated dry ridge and hip system, providing for full mechanical fixing of ridge and hip tiles, compliant with the requirements of BS 5534, BS 5250 and BS 8612. The ventilated membrane has broader corrugated adhesive edge strips, designed to accommodate a greater range of roof pitches and ridge and hip tile types than others on the market.

Our unique, patented gasket features weatherproof, continuous integrated water channels and self-sealing detail for the 100mm stainless steel fixing screws, giving improved long term reliability and eliminating the need for additional sealing washers.

Installation of CON6+

Components of Danelaw’s Dry Fix Ridge and Hip System

1 x 320mm x 6m Rollflex
13 x universal gaskets
13 x fixing plates
13 x 100mm screws
10 x ridge straps

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Ridge and Hip Fixing Kits
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Tile clip
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CON6+ Dry Fix Ridge and Hip System Datasheet
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CON6+ Drawing
CON6+ Drawing
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  • Product code
    HD CON6
  • Airflow Area
    5,000mm2 per metre
  • Length
    3000mm or 6000