The HD SRV10U can be adapted for soil ventilation and mechanical extraction with the HD SPA

HD SRV10U Slate Vent

The range of slate roof vents are simple to install with minimum cutting of slates. Being manufactured from polypropylene, the slate vent range has the following benefits;

  • Thermally stable
  • UV resistance
  • Acid rain resistance
  • The through colour material remains stable at temperatures between -40oC to +120oC

The universal slate vent is for use with natural and man-made slates.

Product code


Slate sizes (will fit either)

  • 600 x 300mm
  • 500 x 250mm*

*Trimming required

Minimum rafter pitch for all vents: 22° or 25° depending on head lap.

Soil pipe ventilation and mechanical extraction

Our HD SRV10U slate roof vent has the option to be adapted and fully utilised for both soil ventilation and mechanical extraction. This is achieved by connecting a specific adapter to the correct vent. The HD SRV5U is not suitable for either option.


Danelaw Hooded Slate Ventilator Datasheet
Slate Vent Fixing Instructions
HD ILSRV10U Danelaw CAD drawing
HD ILSRV10U Danelaw CAD Drawing
Danelaw Slate Roof Products Brochure
Danelaw Ventilation for Tile and Slate Roofs Product Guide
  • Product code
    HD SRV10U
  • Colour
  • Airflow Area
    10,000mm2 per vent
  • Made from
  • Additional Links
  • NBS Product Spec XML

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