InVerg® Plain Tile Interlocking Dry Verge System

The interlocking dry verge system for plain tiles has been manufactured to prevent weather ingress and avoid reliance on mortar at the roof edge. Compatible with most machine-made single & double cambered concrete and clay plain tile types. Suitable for use on new build or refurbishment.

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Product Features

• Discreet with excellent kerbside appeal, specifically designed to retain the effect a traditional plain tile verge finish.
• Quick to install and reliable in service.
• Suitable for most machine-made single and double cambered clay and concrete plain tiles.
• Unique patented design to offer improved weather and wind resistance without reliance on mortar. GB Patent No: 2586153
• Fully compliant with BS8612 allowing the installation a complete dry fix plain tiled roof.
• Designed to minimise staining of the verge and gable end.
• Unique top edge profile maintains the stepped tile course appearance.
• Two tiles at once feature and unique eaves mounting bracket offer a considerable saving in time.
• Smooth lap join improves the overall appearance.
• Eliminates the need for any tile undercloak and completes the finish at the gable.
• Suitable for all plain tile batten gauges from 88mm to 104mm.
• High heat distortion resistance compared to PVC
• UV stabilised for long term performance
• 15 years service life guarantee

System Components

  • HD INVERG – Dry Verge unit
  • HD IPTDV/HR – Half round ridge cap
  • HD IPTDV/AR – Angle ridge cap
  • HD IPTDV/BC – Batten end clip
  • Slate dry verges and ridge end caps contains 100% recycled PPC


For tile compatibility, please see downloads below.


InVerg® Dry Verge Systems Datasheet
Interlocking Verge Compatibility Chart
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    Antique Red, Black, Brown, Slate Grey, Terracotta
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