Universal Weep Vent

The weep vent and lintel stop ends range combine to prevent moisture build up in cavities. Designed for use in traditional and timber framed construction. All of the products are made from polypropylene to ensure durability and peace of mind.

The weep vents provide ventilating air into the cavity. When used in conjunction with cavity tray detailing, allows moisture permeating the cavity area to be returned to the outside.

Ideal for all standard detailing – window/door lintels or with airbricks for underfloor/through cavity venting. Louvre grilles prevent ingress of insects and driven rain. These vents are suitable for traditional build and timber frame construction.

Product Code

HD 9500


Danelaw Wall Cavity and Underfloor Ventilation Datasheet
HD 9500 Drawing
HD 9500 Drawing
Danelaw Ventilation for Tile and Slate Roofs Product Guide
  • Product code
    HD 9500
  • Colour
    Black, Brown, Buff, Grey, Terracotta, Translucent, White
  • Airflow Area
    260mm2 per vent
  • Made from
  • Length
  • Height
  • Additional Links
  • NBS Product Spec XML

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