Zenon for Composite Panel Systems (FAIRs)

Zenon in-plane composite panel rooflights, also referred to as factory assembled, comprise of Zenon Pro and Zenon Evolution weather sheet and liner panel configurations to suit the buildings requirements. Where insulated assemblies are required to meet Building Regulations and to improve building performance, the patented Insulator core or polycarbonate options can be selected.

All our insulated rooflight assemblies achieve U-values below the Building Regulations Part L notional building value of 1.8W/m²K. All our assembly combinations meet, or more often exceed, the required non-fragility classification as defined in RA Technical Document NTD03 in conjunction with ACR[M]001. Each sheet can be manufactured to the required fire grade. Uninsulated rooflight assemblies are available for agricultural building applications where Building Regulation requirements may not be applicable.


The options below demonstrate the effect that our different insulation choices have on building performance for the average Zenon Pro and Evolution assemblies. These are just some of the configurations available for composite panel rooflights, other options are available, please contact us to discuss specification requirements.

These figures are typical and for comparison purposes only. Visuals taken from our performance calculator of which the data is based on physical testing by NPL.

For Zenon’s DOP’s and other technical documents, please refer to our downloads page.


Factory Assembled Insulated Rooflights – Typical Fixing Details
Factory Assembled Insulated Rooflights – Typical Fixing Details
Zenon Factory Assembled Installation Guidelines

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