Zenon Evolution

Zenon Evolution is a brand of rooflight from Hambleside Danelaw that is both durable and strong, all while having a lower embodied carbon content than traditionally reinforced rooflights.  Evolution’s use of advanced manufacturing reinforcement technology results in a product that exceeds the requirements for the industry standard non-fragility testing, withstanding impacts of more than twice the force needed to pass the test.

Manufactured using continuous strands of woven glass filaments provides the product with very high tensile strength and resistance to tearing acting like a safety net.  The manufacturing process uses less resin than other market equivalents, offering the best solution for your environmentally conscious industrial, agricultural or commercial building.

Benefits of Zenon Evolution, a GRP rooflight with low embodied carbon

With all the benefits of Zenon Pro, Zenon Evolution is a high strength GRP rooflight with low embodied carbon.  Due to the lower resin to glass ratio, the rooflight is thinner, allowing for better profile definition and more effective lap detail to suit the surrounding metal sheeting.

The reduction of resin also means Zenon Evolution is significantly lighter than other products with the same non-fragility performance, while still being as durable and impact resistant.

Embodied carbon in the finished Zenon Evolution rooflight range is up to significantly lower than conventionally reinforced alternatives of equivalent strength.

Increasing thermal efficiency

Rooflights need to allow the maximum amount of natural light through while preventing heat loss.

All of Zenon rooflight assemblies can have thermal layers added, with Hambleside Danelaw’s Insulator being the perfect choice for low U-Values.  Made from cellulose acetate, a recycled wood pulp product and compostable at the end of its service, our Insulator provides U values that can far exceed the regulatory requirements.

All Zenon GRP rooflights are protected by Zenon Shield, a highly durable UV protective surface film, granting the rooflight an extended service life.

Take a look at Hambleside Danelaw’s performance calculator to see the differences between different GRP rooflight configurations.

We accept bookings to deliver CPD courses about our rooflights and GRP rooflights in general, email marketing@hambleside-danelaw.co.uk to find out more.

We can additionally send out a sample of the Zenon Evolution – contact us to have one delivered.


Zenon Evolution Technical Information
Zenon Rooflight Brochure

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