Zenon Pro

Zenon Pro is Hambleside Danelaw’s tried and tested range of traditionally reinforced GRP rooflights.  Manufactured at our ‘state of the art’ facility in Daventry, the rooflights are CE and UKCA marked and are profiled to match the building envelope cladding system.

With 100s of profiles available, our Zenon Pro rooflights can be used in new builds and refurbishment projects.

Zenon GRP rooflights are ideal for Industrial, Commercial or Agricultural Buildings

Made-to-order, our rooflights can be used in single, double or triple skin assemblies, with a choice between polycarbonate, or Zenon’s unique Insulator core for the intermediate layer.

Hambleside Danelaw are the first UK in-plane GRP rooflight manufacturer to achieve an independently verified Environmental Product Declaration from BRE, making a commitment to raising awareness of the embodied carbon content and environmental impact of our materials on the built environment.

Zenon Pro rooflights are available in all sheet weights defined in the UK Annex to BS EN1013 and when used in the right configurations offer a range of non-fragile solutions compliant with ACR[M]001.

Passionate about Daylight

Hambleside Danelaw are members of RA (The Rooflight Association) and are passionate advocates of the beneficial impact natural daylight can have in the working environment.  Zenon Pro can be combined with our Insulator which forms a transparent ‘honeycomb’ cell structure perpendicular to the plane of the rooflight, for excellent daylighting diffusion.

This ‘honeycomb’ directs the reflectance aspect of the daylight into the building through the rooflight with minimal impact on the overall light transmission. The cell structure is of a lightweight high-gloss material designed to maximise reflectance and minimise absorptance to best effect, creating a ‘lens’ type effect.  This, combined with the glass fibres in the GRP rooflight which act as natural diffusers causing light to bounce through the Zenon Pro provides a better, wider spread of dispersed light.

Incorporating GRP rooflights into your design will bring the benefits of diffused light to your project, potentially reducing the energy costs associated with artificial lighting.  To learn more about Zenon’s Light Transmission properties, take a look at our dedicated brochure.

Increasing Thermal Efficiency

When developing or refurbishing a building, it is becoming increasingly important to consider the U-value of that build.  The U-value reflects the thermal transmission through the assembly.  The lower the U-value, the better the insulation.  Hambleside Danelaw provide a performance calculator which can be used to establish the U-value, as well as other key performance indicators for our Zenon rooflights.

All of Zenon rooflight assemblies can have thermal layers added, with Hambleside Danelaw’s Insulator being the perfect choice for low U-Values.  Made from cellulose acetate, a recycled wood pulp product and compostable at the end of its service, our Insulator provides U values that can far exceed the regulatory requirements.

Zenon rooflights combine an environmentally aware product with low U-v­­alue – making the Zenon Pro with Insulator a great choice for lower carbon embodiment and energy costs.  For a product with even lower embodied carbon and a GRP rooflight with high non-fragility, take a look at Zenon Evolution.

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Product FAQs

Is a 10mm 4-wall polycarbonate a better insulation layer than the 4mm twin-wall option?

As an insulant, yes it is, but for the marginal improvement in the heat that is retained by it, the extra layers that both absorb and reflect light mean that the light transmission losses are higher. For some designs, this would be a sound solution, but in many cases the light improvement and lower embodied carbon of the lighter product delivers a better result.

For the best of both worlds, consider the use of Zenon Insulator. This can deliver improved U-values with minimal impact on light transmission, so the best of both worlds.

Why can I not find Zenon Archlight?

Due to customer feedback, Zenon Archlight Barrel Vault Rooflight is now called Zenon Curve to avoid confusion with Zenon Arc Barrel Vault Rooflight.

Why use Zenon Evolution in favour of Zenon Pro when the light transmission is worse?

Zenon Evolution might not always be the best choice for the project, however it brings many benefits. The glass reinforcement comprises continuous strands that run the length and width of the rooflight providing greater levels of tear resistance and greater safety without having to make the rooflight thicker. This means that it can be manufactured to a sharper profile shape to match the metal sheets better, under at the top and over at the bottom. This makes the sealing of the rooflight easier and more reliable.

Due to the increased glass content, the level of light transmission through the Evolution product is less, but the diffusion is greater. Lower levels of light transmission result in lower levels of solar heat gains, therefore greater areas of rooflighting can be used to improve the uniformity of light within the building and avoid areas of shadow.

The stronger thinner product uses less raw materials which reduces the amount of embodied carbon in the product and can also be more cost effective compared to thicker alternatives. Please see FAQs about design considerations, for more information on why specifying rooflights is an important component within building design.

What span can we achieve with your in-plane rooflights?

Span capabilities vary by profile depth and weight of rooflight sheet.  Maximum span recommendations can be found on our product data sheets, which can be emailed to you via our Zenon sales team.

Zenon Arc is a factory-built panel barrel vault rooflight system available in double skin configuration manufactured using either the Zenon Pro or Zenon Evolution type materials and with the choice of two additional ‘Insulator’ upgrade options. It is manufactured to accommodate spans or 1.0m or 1.2m and is extremely quick to install on site.

The rooflight needs to cover an opening more than a metre wide. What are my options?

Some roof sheet profiles are more than 1 metre wide as standard and we have tooling to make many such products. Often the rooflight pattern of an installation can include two or more rooflights adjacent to one another, depending on the daylighting requirements within the building. For other roof types, Barrel Vault Rooflights, available for daylight opening widths of up to 4 metres, may be the best option. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What type of rooflight do I need to use in a low pitch/standing seam roof system?

We can supply certain rooflight profiles to match these metal roof profiles, however there are usually strong technical reasons where this is not the best approach, and ‘out-of-plane’ barrel vault systems mounted on kerbs such as Zenon Arc would be a more appropriate solution. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What guarantees do Zenon rooflights come with?

Zenon rooflights have either a 25 year or 30 year Service Life Guarantee dependent upon choice of material.  Project specific service life guarantees can be issued for inclusion in O&M manuals upon request. As manufacturers of components fitted into or onto roof assemblies by others, we cannot offer any guarantees on non-fragility as there are too many factors beyond our control.

Have all Zenon rooflights been tested?

Yes. Rooflights must be tested for light, heat and solar transmission properties, together with fire performance. They’re are also tested for non-fragility in a representative assembly of the different construction details required for that system.

What roof pitches are your rooflights suitable for?

In-plane GRP rooflights are not recommended for use in pitches below 4°, although some system manufacturers may allow this, subject to the limits of their system guarantee.  They can also be used as ‘wall lights’ in vertical cladding applications where required.  For roofs with a pitch below 4°, or for some specialised roof systems, kerb-mounted barrel vault rooflights are often the best option. We supply a GRP barrel vault rooflight system, Zenon ArcContact us for further information.

Why are Zenon Rooflights not clear and does that mean I don’t get as much natural light in my building?

Zenon rooflights are manufactured from translucent, naturally-diffusing GRP. The light levels passing through Zenon rooflights can be comparable to transparent materials, subject to weight and specification. Unless direct vision is required through a rooflight, then diffused light is a more appropriate option. The light is scattered over a wider area reducing the uncomfortable effects of hot spots, glare and gloom within the building.

Do you offer bespoke rooflight manufacture?

We have tooling to match the vast majority of fibre cement and metal roofing profiles. If we don’t have the profile you need, we can produce the necessary tooling  at a cost depending on the quantity required. Sheet lengths are generally manufactured from 1.2m to 7.5m but can be made them shorter or longer to meet specific requirements. There would usually be additional cost associated with this. Please contact us for more information.