Technical Guidance

Fire Regulations and Product Performance

The performance and reaction of buildings in situations where fire breaks out is heavily dependent upon the way in which a building is designed, and the materials from which it is constructed. There are some key considerations that should be taken into account; everything from restricting the way in which fire can propagate and spread, to providing safe access routes so that the occupants of the building can escape to safety.

While the regulations relating to fire are constantly under review, the current requirements can be found here: Fire Regulations and Product Performance August 2021.

The document sets out the requirements from the Building Regulations for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and Technical Standards for Scotland including the required fire performance classifications whether using the BS 476 or BS EN 13501 Standards.

Further information is provided on the behaviour of GRP rooflights in fire situations with advice on their use in conjunction with sprinkler systems.

Please address all fire related enquiries to or contact us on 01327 701900 and ask for Technical.