Roof Abutments

Danelaw® flashings for abutments are designed to prevent rainwater from penetrating between the wall and the roof covering.

The range includes GRP Conti-soakers for slates and tiles and individual soakers for use in combination with rigid the universal abutment cover flashing or the extremely versatile flexible fully adhesive backed Fast Flash®.

For full compatibility of Hambleside Danelaw’s individual soakers range, please take a look at our compatibility chart.

Roof Abutments FAQs

Do you have an alternative product to use at an abutment other than using a continuous soaker or secret gutter with a step and cover flashing when using interlocking plain tiles?

Yes, the HD DTS individual soaker was developed to be used out of sight under the tile and to retain the appearance of an individually soakered plain tile abutment. There is also a version for interlocking slates, the HD RCS.

How do I seal your individual tile soakers to stop water passing underneath?

The individual soakers that fit over the top of the tiles are not designed to prevent water from passing below. They cause the rainwater draining below the product to drain out onto the course below.

What is the benefit of using your individual soakers when I have lead on site?

Apart from the material cost, using a preformed product significantly speeds up installation time and avoids the use of lead where the water may be required for recycling and re-use.

Do I need to use both a continuous soaker or secret gutter in combination with your individual tile soakers?

This is a judgement that should be made based on the application. In high wind & rain exposure conditions, particularly with low roof pitches, then this would be recommended. This would also apply to any roof where there is a large, multi-storey abutment wall next to the roof that could create a high level of water run-off.

When using your Conti-soakers, should I leave a gap between the tiles and the abutment wall?

It is normally recommended that a small gap of 40 to 50mm is left when using our Conti-Soakers to facilitate cleaning where there is a risk of the accumulation of leaves or moss and lichen, unless used in combination with a step and cover flashing or our individual soakers.